Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bridging the Gap Between Students and the Administration

We have a new BZU president, a Dr Khalil Hindi who replaced Dr Nabil Qassis. This Dr Hindi is trying a new tack-to facilitate some kind of ceremonious bonding with the students. Therefore an assigned day was given to meet up with students from different majors. It's an interactive meeting, with students voicing their concerns and problems and listening to what the Important People had to offer. Here are some of the student complaints, because we're such a whiny group.
  • The university is seen as being more and more under the rotten PA control, and this is manifested through the university's silent stance against students who get arrested by the PA and face up to months in jail for their involvement in non-Fate7 (read Hamas) university related activities. Protect the students dammit! They have a right to education!
  • The political atmosphere on campus is strictly restricted to allegiances to either Fate7 or Hamas. This is unfair to the rest of the students who are completely indifferent, and instead want the university to put more pressure on the students to realize the political nature and developments/stagnations/decline or happenings in Palestinian society without fear of censorship/arrest. *This of course, can only come to fruition by the participation of students themselves.
  • The university should offer programs or lectures that will educate the students more about their plight, occupation, and normalization.
  • For those who have classes at 8 am there are not enough taxis to go around, which results in a large number of tardiness.
  • Those who get high grades on their exams but a low average on the basis of being late to their lectures a few times, well that's just plain unfair.
  • Honor students do not get enough prestige.
  • Failure of certain departments to provide MA scholarships to their students.
  • Surveillance cameras everywhere! Hello, welcome to London.
  • The classes on the basement floor of the Science building are unfit as an academic environment, with reeking bathroom smells permeating and such.
The President and the other three cronies with him (one was the dean, the other a vice-president we assume...oh hang on, it says on the uni's official page that there are FOUR vice-presidents) all answered thus:

(a) That's unfortunate.
(b) We'll see what we can do.
(c) We'll try our best to fix this.

BZU has a loooooong way to go before it can be compared to 'normal' universities in Europe and America. We feel like we should add "other parts of the Middle East" but we won't. If the administration really cared about bridging the gap between itself and the students, then it should fire most of its faculty and staff. Mostly its faculty- we have never encountered such boorish stuck-up rude creatures. And it should only accept certain students, as there are a good number who are extremely immature, brain-fluffed, and see uni as a chance to snare a good match for a spouse.

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