Thursday, December 8, 2011

24 Years Since the First Intifada

يوافق التاسع من كانون الاول القريب الذكرى الرابعة والعشرين لانطلاق الانتفاضة الفلسطينية الأولى
نحن، مجموعة من الشباب الفلسطيني، أبناء الجيل الثاني للانتفاضة الأولى، كثير منا ولد خلالها، نحني رؤوسنا إجلالاً لأبطال الانتفاضة الأولى، شهداءها وأسراها، أطفالها، شيوخها، نساءها ورجالها.
إننا نرى في الانتفاضة الأولى حقبة هامة في تاريخ شعبنا، على الأجيال أن تتناقلها وتتعلم منها، كما وأنها شكلت نموذجاً تستلهم منه شعوب العالم في نضالها من أجل الكرامة، العدالة والحرية.
بهذه المناسبة نؤكد إيماننا بالمقاومة الفلسطينية الشعبية كجزء أساسي في نضالنا من أجل الحرية وتحصيل حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني، غير القابلة للتصرف أو المساومة أو التفريط، وبمواصلة النضال حتى تحقيق الحرية والعودة.
عليه، نتوجه بنداء لكافة أبناء شعبنا في الوطن والمنفى بإحياء هذه الذكرى من خلال تكريم صانعي الانتفاضة وأبطالها، ومواصلة طريقهم.
كما نتوجه بنداء لكافة المدونين الفلسطينيين في الوطن والمنفى بتخصيص مدوناتهم يوم التاسع من كانون الاول لنشر قصص أو مقابلات مع شخصيات عايشت الانتفاضة الاولى أو مقالات أو صور وأشرطة توثق الانتفاضة، وندعو كل مبدع فلسطيني، أن يقدم شيئاً في هذه المناسبة وفق ما يراه مناسباً وممكناً.
عاش شعبنا وتحيا فلسطين
"December 9th this year is the 24th anniversary of the First Palestinian Intifada.

We, a group of Palestinian youth, children of the First Intifada, bow in front of the heroes of the Intifada, its martyrs, children, elders, women and men.

We view the Intifada as a significant era in the history of the Palestinian people that future generations need to learn from, and that many have used as a model in their struggle for justice, dignity and freedom.

On this occasion we affirm our belief in the Palestinian Popular Resistance, as a principal part of our struggle for freedom and Palestinian rights that is not open for compromise. We support the struggle to achieve freedom and the right of return.
Based on that, we are calling out to all our people in Palestine and in exile to commemorate this anniversary, by honoring the heroes of this Intifada and to follow in their footsteps.
We are also calling out to all the Palestinian bloggers in Palestine and in exile to dedicate their blogs on the 9th of December to honor the people of the First Intifada through writing stories from the Intifada or conducting interviews with the heroes, publishing videos or photos etc. We also call on Palestinian artists for a dedication in honor of the Intifada.

Long live our people and long live Palestine

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  1. The first intifada has brought the Palestinians nothing but death and destruction. Palestinians killing Palestinians. Palestinians killing Jews. Jews killing Palestinians. It is nothing to celebrate. The only path is peace. Live with your neighbours. Israel is going nowhere. You have no choice but more bloodshed.

  2. Of course we have no choice but bloodshed, we as Palestinians are up against supremacist colonial Nazis who call themsleves 'Zionists'.

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  4. A choice to live in a condition that Zionists wouldn't put their dogs into? What kind of choice is that exactly?

    Resistance can take many forms... until you have tried them all and are still being shot in the streets. Then, the only choice is to fight back or die in the street.

  5. You always have a choice, son. You always have a choice.

    Even in conditions that Zionists wouldn't put their dogs into; you always have a choice.

  6. How about instead of resistance, you practice tolerance. Instead of violence, peace. Instead of Mohammed-worship; monotheism. Instead of suicide bombs, smiles.

    In short - try acting like a human for once. You may be surprised by how good you feel.

  7. On a crowded schoolbus in Jerusalem, with the plunger in your hand, Mohammed in your heart, and the bomb on your waist --

    -- the only person who makes the decision about what to do is . . . you!

    Treated like dog, or treated like a prince. You always have a choice.