Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Never-ending Cycle of Israel's Impunity Has to Come to an End

Israel has for the countless time paraded its authentic barbaric face to the world by attacking and killing activists on board humanitarian ships carrying tons of aid that were heading for the Gaza Strip. The fact that the flotilla was in international waters (65 kilometers from the coast) only makes this deliberate senseless attack even more grave. If this is truly what Israel stands for then its path to self-destruction and world isolation is welcomed but not at the expense of the lives of innocent civilians. The worldwide repulsion and anger at this latest antic from the IDF is radiated from top government officials to ordinary citizens, the latter who have taken to the streets in their thousands to demand reparations and explanations for the unprovoked and illegal strike. However, this reaction is not unusual. It is part of a repetitive circle, of which the next stage of the cycle is well-known. The world demands justification for Israel's brazen dispensation of international law. The UN demands an explanation. Any kind of potential punitive measures will be automatically vetoed by the USA. Citizens of consciousness will continue to boil and then simmer down. Israel will continue to act with derisive unchecked exculpation. The victims of Israel will continue to suffer. All is right with the world again.

Israel's war with Lebanon, or more accurately, with the guerrilla group Hezbollah in 2006 left more than 2000 innocent people dead. The painful image of aid workers, in Qana especially, pulling out dusty child corpses, who were as limp as rag dolls, from the rubble was more than enough reason to punish Israel, after revelations were shown that the specific targets were civilians in their residences, some murdered as they acted on the IDF's orders to evacuate their homes. The usual moral uproar and political hullabaloo then commenced. The result has fashioned itself in the mocking ghost of Israeli accountability. The siege on Gaza received immense worldwide condemnation. Yet four years on, the siege is still there, ever prominent. The massacre of Gazan civilians in Israel's inhumane offensive sent millions around the world protesting loudly, vociferously, emphatically. The dead remained dead, with no justice brought to their souls whatsoever, and the Gaza Strip remained scarred with the devastating marks of a crumpled infrastructure. The UN proved once and for all to be farcical, with no actions undertaken to punish Israel for the on-going war crimes it perpetrates onto the civilian Palestinian population.

Governments who express their shock and condemn Israel's heinous attacks and policies demonstrate how effective their shock and condemnation really is a few weeks, months later by meeting with the Israeli government and resuming chummy relationships once again. People dared to hope that after Operation Cast Lead the international community would regain its senses and isolate Israel. So far, Mauritania and Venezuela are the only countries that transformed their scathing remarks into actions. Turkey, hopefully, is on the way to do so as well. The Arab countries that know no shame still maintain relations with Israel, both politically and economically. Shimon Peres, a certified war criminal, smiling and posing in Qatar. Lev Leveiv's jewelry store in Dubai never came to be thanks to the efforts of the BDS campaign. This is not to say that Arab countries should ban Jews from entering, far from it, but that they should turn its back on zionists, particularly those with a well-publicized agenda. The citizens of countries around the world, notably in Arab countries, do not reflect the thoughts and acts of their governments. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Israelis, as evidenced by the 93% approval rate they gave concerning Operation Cast Lead. No matter, they will surely come around.

The solution to this circle? How to make the circle a linear line with different points composing it, culminating in an end point that serves justice and peace? People of consciousness, rise up, and up, and up again. Promote the Palestinian call to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel. Isolate the racist pariah state! Congregate, organize, and take assertive action. Never forget, raise awareness, campaign, disseminate this stratagem to the masses. Your conviction will be strong enough to convert others, to get others involved, to push for a wider movement. Please, save the Allah Akbar's for another protest. This is not religious warfare, this is war executed by a state that has been allowed to contravene from responsibility, liability, and accountability. Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem, Jenin, Hebron, and the rest of the West Bank, do not be intimidated or give in to Abbas' censorship policy. Rise up and be heard. Take control of how you would want to see your community. This time, make it count.

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