Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're Getting There

Quiz time. Which grocery store in the US of A became the first to boycott Israeli products?


"The Board of Directors has decided that the Olympia Food Co-op will boycott Israeli made products and divest from any investments in Israeli companies. The Co-op would stop carrying the Israeli products it currently sells and would not stock new products from Israeli companies. If the Co-op has money invested in Israeli companies or bonds, we would terminate those investments. We would refrain from dealing with non-Israeli companies that sell products or services to Israel that are used to violate the human rights of the Palestinians."

Olympia, Washington state was the home town of Rachael Corrie. Of course, the hasbara machine has been cranked feebly in gear, with some loser called Jennifer Something or Another Mizrahi claiming that "It is clear that the people who voted on this did not hear both sides of the issues." Someone hand us some tissues.

Here is an excellent piece answering and debauching the desperately circled Israeli propaganda.

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