Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Shit

This couldn't wait. Posting a music video in Ramadan? Glory be we are destined for eternal doom.

Introducing one of our absolutely favourite artists, Invincible. A while ago one of us had the pleasure of interviewing her via email for a project. Here are some excerpts from the final paper:

"[Invincible's] strong commitment to her community is effused throughout her songs, and not only does she rap about issues such as media monopoly and gentrification (among other things0, she is actively involved in progressive social change in her home town of Detroit, actualizing the transformations she longs for."

"Invincible's life is rooted in music, activism, and political dissent. The ingenious way in how she blends these three traits is a manifestation of real hip hop, where clever relentless words are intertwined with nifty head-bobbing beats. Furthermore, the lyrics aren't money-oriented nor worldly, but confabulate real issues, stretching from police brutality to colonialism in the world today."

Invincible + Waajeed - "Detroit Summer"/"Emergence" from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

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