Monday, November 1, 2010

Drink Up Ye Merry Yo-ho Yo-ho

Milestone!!!! We have reached 100 blog posts! We really are made out of steel and non-alcoholic beer mixed with something called Canada Dry and shot through twinkling lights of rainbows and bedazzlement! So we feel that the time has now come to introduce to you all our pets. Let us hear you say, OneVoice, awwwwwww.

The little fella up there goes by the name Diego-Angelo. He is an anti-social masochist who veers toward the hermit life, despite having the best damn glass bowl in the country filled with brightly colored stones. He makes works of art from his faeces. He is still a cute baby, and enjoys playing hard to get with a cousin's other turtle, pansily named Lala.

Second up is the resolutely defiant Shit. Shit is so named because of its shitty color, which is a rich blend of greens and browns and greys. Its sexual identity is ambiguous, and has defied death a total number of 30495 times. Shit is somewhat suicidal, which is a bit of an oxymoron there, but it loves jumping out of its bowl (which admittedly, gets cleaned approximately every 83 days) in the early hours of dawn. It is now currently enjoying its 4th year living, despite all of its other friends' death two weeks after taken into domestication.