Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lauren Booth On Converting to Islam

Lauren Booth, who is war criminal Tony Blair's sister in law (a fact she's definitely not proud of) converted to Islam a couple of weeks ago during her visit to Iran. This has resulted in a flurry of haters who seized this enlightening piece of news to paint their bigotry, racism, and common misconceptions about Islam. We shall not direct you, as reference, to the Daily Fail's reader comments, who are known for their trollness. Lauren Booth works for Iranian news channel PressTV and has embarked on many trips to the Middle East. Last year, she part of one of the Viva Palestina convoys to break the siege on Gaza. All in all, she sounds like a fahmana, no?

Read her article here.

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  1. hahahaha! Fahmana she seems!

    Keep up the good work girls!