Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Shit-Revolutionary Style*

* Highly subjective of course. In case anyone is experiencing an Egypt burnout, because that jackass still doesn't know how to leave. No dignity dude.

Egyptian hip hop crew Arabian Knightz came out with this spiffy one, called Rebel.Their upcoming album is called Uknighted State of Arabia. UPDATE: Here's the youtube etc

Everyone is harping on about Lupe Fiasco's new song. We loved it. Then we liked it. Then we rejected it after facebook ensured everyone loved it (and after listening to it on repeat for 500 tines). Now we like it again.

Bella and Edward look out! Uprising by Muse. No? Yeah.

How awesome are they? Ska-p with Intifada.

Raaaaaaaaage Against the Machine. Bulls On Parade. We're saving the other song for a post of its own ;)

And it won't do not to have a song by one of our favourties, Abdelhalim Hafez.

And another video we can't get stop singing, especially in that voice. Kullina, eed wa7da, ir7al!

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