Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Albi

A year and a day ago, we were both sitting at one of the three computers in the Women's building library summoning up the courage to make this pet of ours work. Incidentally, the three computers are now banned to anyone who is not a graduate student. Anyway, the hard nosed librarian, an extremely fussy prude of a lady, swooped down upon us as we tried to suppress our giggles at the silliest exaggerated welcome note, and  stood guard behind our backs as she breathed severely through her nose. What are we doing? How dare we waste our time on social websites? How come we're on Facebook when its banned on campus? Oh, is that so? This isn't Facebook? Then what are we writing? We patiently explained to her that we were starting a blog, ignoring the fact that she was an insufferable nosy witch. What's a blog? It's a website thingy where we get to write whatever we want. Suddenly, she became less stiff. Really? How interesting! Oh, I see it's called Life on Birzeit Campus. I should very much like to read it!

And with that, she stepped closer to our chairs, her face between our shoulders, squinting at the computer screen. After 5 minutes of us not typing anything, just sitting there trying to communicate via side-along glances, she walked back to her desk, then began walking between the book shelves eying us merrily.

We went home with a sense of mission accomplished. Since then, we haven't looked back. We're immensely proud of our pet, and the sudden disappearance of it for a few weeks at one time almost unhinged us. It's hugely gratifying to finally write down our thoughts-before that we resembled a gooseberry with permanent prickles sunny side up. School work has never come in the way and so we never felt the impending gloominess of shutting it down due to academic tasks. In fact the blog has actually taken first priority over any silly assignments. But we're still model students of course.

We kinda feel we should fire up a compilation of our favorite posts or something, but naturally we're lazy so we'll leave the browsing up to you.

We'll also be celebrating Saturday between 3 and 4pm not at Rukab, that heinous haven that now costs an arm and leg just for booza, but at their frenemies Baladna.

Thanks for reading. And recommend this to others. We can't do all the self-whoring ourselves.


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