Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th Anniversary of Women's Day

Sometimes, we wish we were guys instead. We love our mamas. So it's not about the additional freedom (although we were raised up as equally as our brothers, well almost) it's more about not having to put up with the wackiness that comes with the female package. Gossip, slander, getting checked out by every girl we thoughtlessly intruded on their breathing space, their needy ovaries, and just sheer silliness:

[about random dude] "OMIGOSH he just saw me eating. What if he thinks I'm a fatass?"*

 But then we were always so well endowed in advanced sagacity than from the rest of our peers.

And to demonstrate that, Global Voices has interviewed one of us about this dear pet of ours.

Palestine: Life in the Eyes of Two West Bank Students

And to really culminate Women's Day, here's a nice piece from Queen Noor, who is so unlike her present day brown-nosing sit-in.

Women's new empowerment will not be suppressed easily, however. So far, these have not been the traditional stories about women -- especially Muslim women -- that tend to show up on the news. Many do not imagine Arab and Muslim women have much in common with their counterparts in the West because of the selective, damaging and stereotypical images that the media commonly present. When I married King Hussein in 1978, reporters were constantly asking me how a progressive, educated, American woman could go live in such a repressive culture. Those reporters did not know the Arab women I did -- the doctors, lawyers, professors and entrepreneurs -- many of whom became friends and advisers as I set my priorities for public service.

*True quote.

Palestinian human rights NGO Al-Haq with this video. Just a reminder that some women are not all emancipated.

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