Monday, March 7, 2011

An Imminent Revolutionary Palestine?

Looks like we've unbuckled our explosive belts in favor for writing on bank notes.

Talking to Ynet, group founder Salah Barghouti discussed the initiative. "We were sitting and thinking of how we can voice our protest in a non-violent way and then the idea came up to write a clear short message on the notes."
Barghouti and his friend Amad Abu-Sumeia claim that this is a simple, creative, innovative and non-violent method of spreading Palestinian protest. They are pleading with people who have joined the group on Facebook to protest actively.

As social media helped facilitate the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, young Palestinians are turning to that tactic to push for their own revolution. Started by a couple of well meaning guys, the Facebook group called يلا ننتهي الاحتلال/Let's End the Occupation acts as a forum to its growing members (almost 14000 now) who pitch forward their ideas of how to resist and dismantle the ongoing Israeli occupation peacefully.

Just an interjection- to all the sanctimonious privileged foreign armchair activists who see it fit to dictate exactly just exactly how Palestinians should resist by lamenting that untapped reservoir of Ghandi-ism. Well we don't really have a scathing threat just yet, but seriously their opinion is required only after they actually experience the occupation, the inhumanity of it all, the unbearable suffering, the life without dignity, etc. That holier-than-thou attitude is probably masking their inner zionuts. A population under occupation can resist in whatever form they want to, and they've got the legal credentials (although widely dismissed in our case) to back them up too so booyah! Also, there's this little thing called BDS going on, as well as the weekly [favorite word coming up] 'non-violent' protests most famously at Bil'in and Nil'in against the encroaching Apartheid wall, in which 21 people were killed. So take your self-righteousness and stick it up where the sun don't shine.

Instead of a unified page a la We Are All Khaled Said mode, there are other Facebook groups calling for  revolutionary measures to be gradually taken up and since we've emphasized the division of society one too many times, we won't harp on about how this is a reflection of so and so. 

March 15th is the new toted Day of Mass Protests (there's no such thing as a Day of Rage, check) which will take place not just in Ramallah but in Gaza and other cities in the West Bank. Here's half of the ice burg of what we're protesting about:

  • First and foremost, the Israeli occupation.
    •  Dear white supremest colonizers, we will share our land with you with open arms, after you lose that dangerous superciliousness and accept some pretty hard core reparations. Just stop with those dehumanizing antics, gosh.
  • The PA
    • We don't want you, no really we don't. And the next time you introduce yourselves as the representatives the of the Palestinian people we will forgo our recently attained Ghandi-ism and shoot you in both knee caps whilst synchronizing our movements with the latest Lindsay Lohan album that will be blaring on the speakers used at Tahrir square.
  • Hamas
    • Maintain some sort of credibility and do not hog up power in the Gaza strip by repressive force, or by any force for that matter. The greater good, no? You can do it!
  • The division between Hamas and Fateh
    • For the love of Allah, just kiss and make up already. Then you can retire to your abodes or join in the revolution, but not before we impose a travel ban on some of those ministers and collaborators, freeze their assets, and then bring them up before court. Uh huh, we've got eyes on the back of our heads. You know who you are.
  • The USA and its vetoing power
    • Keep digging your own grave by supplying those 3 billion dollar military aid to Israel. We're already laughing at your democracy.

Writing Free Palestinian on the Israeli currency isn't our kind of thing. It's nice that those who thought up the idea exercised their creative powers to a stretch, but we'll let them in on a little secret. B.Freakin.D.S. BOYCOTT! It's much faster, more effective, and more popular. How many stores are going to accept a graffitified 100 NIS note? How many stores will stop supplying Israeli products when the customers acquire a new line of preference?

That's it. We're taking this into our own hands. Henceforth, our names shall be X Magna and Z Carta.
Shit, we really gotta start a Twitter account now.

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