Thursday, July 1, 2010

God Awful Ad for Israeli Tourism

We first saw this a few months ago and subsequently vomited up everything in our system for three consecutive days. Now, we've decided to post it only to point out the substandard acting of the two goons partaking in this sorry mess. More like, how Israel uses sex sex and more sex to promote its tourist industry. Come to Israel frat boys! We have Israeli--exclusively Jewish of course-- bitches who are willing to get down on their knees for you all the time! We have beaches! We have sun! We have bronzed gods and goddesses who walk among us! Just be sure to use the highways we have designated for you, lest you make a wrong turn and end up in some ghetto Palestinian neighborhood, where men stone you for inappropriate dressing and shrieking (that's ululating, to get technical) women send their bomb-strapped sons after you! Just stick to Tel Aviv and you'll be fine. Eh, what about Gaza you say? Hey, you HAVE to go to Jerusalem, where our colonialist powers are displayed brazenly for all to see. See this beautiful ancient neighborhood? Arabs were trespassing for decades, unwittingly thinking they have the right to live in the houses, but we got a court order and now its pure Israeli baby! Don't forget to visit Yad Vashem, it's amazing how amazing we became from our not so amazing past, the victims of the Holocaust and vicious Anti-Semitism, persecution, racism etc. Palestinians? They're all dirty laborers with horrible white shoes who hate us, don't worry about them. COME TO ISRAEL, A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!

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  1. Wow this is insanely the most stupid video I have ever seen! Good job girls