Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Shit

We've been behind on our musical posting expertise, but that doesn't mean we still don't groove to the dope beats. We might as well give a list of who we listen to and the reasons why we love them, but patience children patience. Anticipation does not, as the delightful Alex Turner pointed out, has a habit for setting you up for disappointment. Shh just nod and agree with us.

Without further ado, here is Omar Offendum's latest video called Destiny from his newly released solo album, SyrianamericanA.

It's pretty awesome, no? And he raps in Arabic now! Between you and us, he is the only man we are willing to share as a husband. What, he's allowed four wives, and we very much give our consent to be co-wives! In fact, then we can finally live our decadent fantasy of some Bab il-Hara show, where we get to call him ibn 3ami, have petty jealousies and the essential need for popping out tons of male heirs and then worrying about getting them married to the best girls, all mused over menial housework chores and sifting lentils, take over our lives. How many other Arab men are bilingual in ARABIC (most importantly!) and English, God-fearing monks (scratch that word out), and are pleasing to look at? Damn but we can get so superficial. It's ok, we love him, hence the ignoring of his accomplishments and the lauding of his yummy self.


  1. Keefkoo banat 3ami...I made sure Omar got to see this comment. :)

    thanks for the support.

  2. I love him. He is very educated and passionate. Felt uncomfortable the second you guys began "four wives..", but I love you still!


  3. @ lmajali- how could you! ;)
    great job with the video.