Saturday, January 22, 2011

Israel Destroys Araqib Village for the Ninth Time

El Araqib is situated in the Naqab (Negev) desert, close to Bi'r Sabi' (Beersheba). Last week it was once again razed to the ground, homes tents and all, for the ninth consecutive time. Those who tried to resist were subjected to being shot at with tear gas and rubber coated bullets. Around 5 youths were injured. After every demolition, the village was rebuilt by its inhabitants, but this time the Israeli bulldozers remained on the land to make sure this won't happen, all to satisfy the Jewish attendees who visited the area on Thursday for their Jewish Arbor holiday. They were invited by the Jewish National Fund to plant trees on the confiscated plowed land of El Araqib to plant trees. How humane. Ah, to enjoy the privilege of planting trees over the demolished houses of hundreds of Palestinians. The occupation forces have cleared the debris to ensure that at the very least, rebuilding the village will take longer this time around for the Palestinian inhabitants.  

During the 7th demolition of the village, back in November
Israel refuses to recognize the village, claiming it was built upon government land. The residents of El Araqib have deeds showing that the land was inherited from their grandparents.

We can't imagine the psychological state of the children, forcefully and violently thrown off their land over and over again.

The things we take for advantage in this world.

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