Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watan 3a Watar Act

Watan 3a Watar, performed at the Ramallah Cultural Palace last year. This particular acts sums it all: Palestine is the rather odd green pumpkin, sliced into two parts-1948 Palestine and the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas. 1948 Palestine is put to one side, forgotten about. The West Bank is divided from Jerusalem, which in turn is divided up into West and East Jerusalem, which is further divided up into tiny littered pieces of settlements and resettled by European Jewish settlers of Palestinian neighborhoods, etc. The West Bank is sliced into bantustans, with different cities cut off from each other directly, strewn with more settlements and settler only roads. Gaza is isolated from the world because the wrong political party is ruling it. So what's left of Palestine?

Nothing but good old hearty laughs with a look of unmistakable smugness.

Satire serves the purpose of bringing about reform in society, but we suppose the people in attendance were too star struck to notice, because having major quislings among them in the same room is a tale to be told to their grandchildren.

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