Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second Semester (Oh No!)

Tuesday was the first day back-let the semester thus commence. However, keeping with our timeless tradition, we'll actually drag ourselves to the university the week after this one (add and drop week).

This break went by pretty fast, and our eyes fill with tears-a la freshman year- as we think of the dreaded Birzeit University. If the uni had memorabilia to sell, such as mugs and sweatshirts, we wouldn't buy them, not even for memory's sake. There's something awful being associated with a university neither of us can find in ourselves to embrace willingly or not. It just seems like an obstacle most days, something that blocks our impetus for what we really want to do, mainly just making a damn difference on whatever level. And being surrounded by masses of airheads and blockheads gets pretty annoying. As well as dealing with under qualified teachers. And the snotty administration. It's all so bureaucratic, you know?

Ok, that was bleak. And while we do harbor these sentiments, we're usually way more adept at hiding them and enjoying the positives, as hard as that may seem. Providing that there are no strikes this semester, then last day of classes are on May 5th. New countdown!

Disastrously transitioning on to the subject of new identity, we (Arabiat ) decided to not exactly split, but allow for one of us to use her own name to post, mainly because she's in desperate need of character building and suffers from an unhealthy dose of insecurity. That, and the fact that she's more in the know-how seat, and has a lot to write about.

To the rest of the students everywhere but here, enjoy your last weeks of holiday. Or we'll enjoy them for you.

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