Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amreeka..Not What It's All Cracked Up to Be

This lovely movie from first timer Cherien Dabis tells the story of single mother Muna Farah and her son, Fadi, who make the big decision to leave their home in Bethlehem and go to the US and A. Borat is on this hag's mind, how can one ever forget that naked wrestling scene? more digressions. Mother and son go to a small town in Illinois where Muna's sister's family open up their home to them. See? The Arab hospitality knows no bounds. Muna has ten years of experience working in a bank plus two degrees but she found out the hard way that these credentials only get you a place at the local fast food restaurant in the land of opportunity. Fadi, although in the same class as his cousin, is having a hard time fitting in school where a few white boys personally blame him for one of their brother's dispatchment to Iraq. They call him Osama, associate him with Al-Qaida--which incidentally they spelled Al Kada on the cousin's car--even though Fadi is a Palestinian Christian. Those white boys think all brown people are the same duh. A laugh out loud moment is at the immigration center, where the man asks Muna "Your occupation?" and Muna replies with a relieved smile, "Yes..yes! We've been under occupation for more than 40 years!" Bless her heart. With the help and support of family and each other, the two new immigrants pass through the hardships, blending their heritage with the hard journey of finding a place to call home. From our experience, we would never go back to the US to live. As a 3 month vacation, but not to live. each their own!

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