Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello bitches! Coming to you from the fruity tooty land that has known no calm since the days the dinosaurs roamed the planets..yes, including URANUS. This high school boy humor (or elementary..hmm) will unfortunately not be the staple of this pet blog of ours. Presented to you from the cleanly divided split personalities of two old hags, our grand total of two readers will be subjected to the mass abuse and whiny injustices that come with dragging our sore asses to the 'best' university in the Ramallah and its surrounding fob villages area, as well as highly amusing and thoughtful anecdotes of life under --ta-dum-- the occupation.

The original name for this treasured chest of ours was actually supposed to be Life on Bir Zift Campus, but maturity settled in at the last moment, after much hair pulling and bloody scratches between the hags.

Until then, bosom buddies!

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