Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Going On Peeps

It's only Tuesday, but it already it feels like a long tiring week. Crawling through a paper on a very tight deadline was exhausting enough, then to find out after midnight that the due date has been postponed makes one howl like a deranged wolf at the moon. Never mind waking the neighbors up! Rising early to review for an exam and realize after half an hour you've toiled through two pages is not good either. Going home and sleeping for 3 hours straight is amazing though. According to our ever reliable student council (who do absolutely squat for the students, continuing on with the theme of Arab power and negligence of their people), there is a strike tomorrow Wednesday, in co-operation with the other student councils in the West Bank. The reasons are vague. Ok we don't know. We have a right to know of course. But really, a three day weekend is enough to make us shut our mouths and just go with the flow. Thursday is a day off too. The strikes will be every week Wednesdays and Thursdays, until the student councils get whatever it is they want. A rumor was floated around, something about the ministry of education stealing the money that was supposed to be for the students and scholarships. Gosh, we have such a bum deal. Happy 3 Day Weekend everyone!

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