Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reel Bad Arabs

WOW was the first word that popped up in our heads after watching "Reel Bad Arabs" today in writing class. As in Goddamn-Mother-Heifer WOW. This is a documentary on how Hollywood vilifies and demonizes Arabs. Well that's what it says in this image anyway. In one part of the documentary a remark was made about the movie "Rules of Engagement" (Samuel L Jackson, perhaps a little too late, but it's on buddy) which at one point horribly maligns an 9/10 year old (if not younger) Arab girl. We were, at the very least disgusted with this. How can anyone denigrate a young child? So we got to thinking...what kind of idiot would believe that a young girl could be capable of such hatred and evil to the point where she holds a gun and starts shooting at the brave and brawny U.S Marines? Sadly there's an enormous number of imbeciles in this world who believe this crap. They believe in it even more when they see that the child is an Arab. An American kid in a movie would be portrayed maybe as a bully, a girly girl, rude, mean, sweet, kind- all the characteristics one would expect from a child, but never to the heinous extremes an Arab child is stereotyped as. To them (non-Arabs)all Arabs are "terrorists", which of course isn't anything new to us fobs. Other then children, Arabs in general have been portrayed as repugnant, lecherous, and hell-bent on making the world an inferno for the Western countries. The problem is, this isn't something new. Hollywood has been slandering Arabs since the 1940's. One of the most beloved cartoon movies of all time, Aladdin, has clear connotations of a 'barbaric' homeland. And yes, guess what, harems still exist! Chock full of subjugated veiled women belly-dancing like there's no tomorrow. The Arab race should not be used to entertain people in such a demeaning way, especially when they are always characterized in such a degrading manner. Take any movie, let's say Ah-nuld Shwarzenegger's "True Lies", and replace the word 'Arab' or 'Muslim' with 'Black' or 'Jewish'. Gasp--shocker! So how about this: Each race should vilify their own kind. For some, it would work better this way since there is no danger of a shortage of material. Dang, what a racist thing to say! If Americans want to vilify people then they should vilify themselves. Most of them are murderers, burglars, and rapists and would do anything to go to war and kill. Man, another racist thing to say! So keep in mind, dear ignoramuses, that Arab women in the REAL world are of a higher percentage than Arab males in universities. And that those who call for DEATH TO A-MARY-KA are a tiny minority that hide in caves or go underground and do NOT speak for an entire race of people. And that Arab men, with or without beards, are more concerned about their families and jobs, kinda like normal people! And that Arab children care more about playing and homework and hanging out with their play mates, which is what Suri Cruise will end up doing in a few years. Minus the homework part. And probably the play mates. From now on, learn to spot these crazy besmirching traducements about Arabs. We will like you more. And maybe invite you over for tabouleh one day.

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