Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ben Brown is a Gimp, Jody McIntyre is No Wimp

Our beloved man Jody McIntyre has been at the forefront of the London student protests, expressing along with thousands of others his strong disapproval-to put it mildly- of the increase in student tuition fees to up to nine thousand pounds annually. His ever excellent blog has covered the protests in detail, and now more than ever he has been at the center of the media light because of what happened during the last protest last week. Jody and his brother were in the front crowd in Parliament Square opposite a legion of armed police officers. The first completely unprovoked incident saw police officer KF963 strike Jody on the shoulder with a baton. The second incident initiated by KF963 was a four man attack on Jody as the commendable police officers dragged Jody off from his wheelchair about a hundred meters. Did we mention Jody has cerebral palsy? And that, as he so adequately put it himself, "Do you really think a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair can pose a threat to a police officer who is armed with weapons?" The disgusting despicable vermin who calls itself Ben Brown makes a very strong case for Douchebag of the Year Award with his highly accusatory questions, fascist tone, and rankling rude interruptions, but Jody is not surprised at all by the idiot's actions:
It just grates us how Brown insinuates that because Jody identifies himself as a "revolutionary" then that made it all the more justifiable for the police-scratch that, pigs- to assault him. A revolutionary is just a word, not a physical action, says Jody and everyone else with a brain. Reason seems to have departed permanently from Brown's vacuous mind as he angles for the victim of police brutality as a dangerous threat to the precious police whose role, might we needlessly add is obviously to protect the government and not its citizens.

But we applaud Jody for the great job he has done with dealing with those "embedded" journalists, here's another video where he owns those cretins.

Much love and respect ya zalameh! And don't worry, we won't be focusing on the horrible way you were treated, but to contextualize it as you said with the larger issue here which is of course the abominable increase of tuition fees.

"Just as I was unseated from my wheelchair I hope that every member of this government will also be unseated." WORD.

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