Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Israel is a DEMOCRACY dammit!

Which is why hundreds of state appointed rabbis have signed a democratic letter and called on Jewish Israelis to refrain, nay to adamantly refuse renting real estate-either living or work accommodations- to Palestinians. Armed with religious nonsense, the rabbis have justified this act as a Jewish one, with biblical references mentioning the decrease of property values as a result of Mr Jew renting to Mr Arab. Wonder what else these Dan Brownesque biblical references include, something about the predictability of current stock markets?

International reaction? Zero. But if it were whites refusing to sell/rent property to blacks as was the case a few decades ago in the great US, then yes an uproar would be the least type of acknowledgement.

So, no really, we are trying to understand this belligerence. Ok, getting in the zone. Beards, bowler hats, long fingernails. Hello. We are rabid rabbis. No, not rabid, but something more euphemistic. Zealous rabbis. Who believe in some religious doctrine that dictates the superiority of one people over all other humans in the world. And that to defend that special feeling, we even more zealous. And make up laws and rules to suit our self interests, because it's all for the greater good. We cannot blame people for not being who we are, so we must rid their infiltrating presence because it serves to remind us that we did not settle on a land without a people. We are merely acting out God's will. God came to us in the form of a dogmatist enrobed in a white rose tinged flowing material and ordered us to do so. The Jews must feel protected and secure, therefore we must keep our promise to our brethren by...disregarding humanity and basic rights concerning the unchosen brown people? Sounds about right.

That was exhausting. How do these rabbis manage to live like that? Note, we are not lumping all Jews into one xenophobic spoon, we're way too educated for that. And of course these rabbis (which we have just spelt rabies accidentally for the 4th time) do not represent nor reflect the moral values of other humane Jews and rabbis. Every religion has its own batch of extremist wing nuts, but these rabies DAMMIT rabbis are municipal chief rabbis, not some comforting harmless religious figures. Oh, a few rabbis that have held on to reason refused to sign rabid letter yay, stating:
"There are things that should not be done; what if there would be a similar call in Berlin against renting properties to Jews? Where is the public conscience? What will this do to Jews around the world? We must act responsibly."
"This ruling is a serious distortion of the Torah, and contradicts basic human morality."
"...despite the Biblical prohibition 'Thou shalt not give them respite,' in a democratic state you cannot discriminate between citizens. What's more, it will cause discrimination against Jews in other countries."

Racist rabbis, this is for you-ka bam!

Overall, this is khrazy. And not too surprising. Because that's the only way Israel can be a Jewish democracy. And now our brains hurt for that incompatible sentence.

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