Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Che Guevara is HOT

Look at him. Burning under all that sun. Hello, hi we are in December no? That beret must be all itchy. 77 degrees, all through this week. Snowpocalypse we welcome you heartily.

So the other student political group that always gets shunted to one side by Hamas and Fateh, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-PFLP, threw this little display outside the Arts building. Basically it was a bunch of pictures about the occupation, where this stand showed images of prisoner torture, that stand some images of Palestinians being routinely humiliated at Israeli checkpoints, etc.

What's the occasion? The Marxist party was formed December 11th 1967, so there are still ten days to go before commemorating it.

Our knowledge of the PFLP is that the red kuffiyeh is somehow theirs, just like the black and white kuffiyeh is Fateh's. Silly nonsense. Oh yeah, they're shock horror LEFTISTS. And shock horror COMMUNISTS. And shock horror ATHEISTS. Founder-George Habash. Most interesting person in the party-Laila Khaled. Opposes negotiations with Israel, and favors a one state solution. Considered to be a terrorist organization in more than 30 countries. Many of its leaders are old and exiled, so it draws a lot of support from university students.

We might join up purely for the reason that we get referred to as Comrade. Comrade!

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  1. Che was so pretty and f-worthy. He makes me melt.