Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Original Jordanians Throw a Tantrum After They Lose Football Match

Ah, Jordan. That country whose leading Bedouin clan were all to ready to lap up some imperialistic lie that they were descended from the very same clan that Prophet Mohammad belonged to, and therefore justified into enthroning themselves in sagacious royalty.

Nowadays, saying something like how 80 percent of Jordan are Palestinians isn't that far fetched at all. But the resentment for Palestinians is quite strong, which leads to the joke of how Palestinian Jordanians hate Palestinian Palestinians. This is just another form of brainwash, at least to us. Jordan was scared that military action would emerge from the Palestinian refugee camps it had and so went on a quest to obliterate any form of resistance through any means possible. The result was for those brainwashed an embraceable whole new mother country, complete with full citizenship. Jordan's few tribes still lead and control the order, and of course they are not below the law at all meaning that they can get away with anything. They certainly don't want Palestinians to be integrated fully into their own sense of society, so a few laws or rights are missing from the life of the Palestinians lest they forget that they are in fact guests of a neighboring country and are allowed to live and build their lives purely from the good will of the previous King Hussein. Discrimination is alive and well. Beneath the normalcy of daily life tension simmers away, waiting for any excuse to boil over.

Such was the case on Friday over an innocent football match between rivals Wihdat and Faisali. The Wihdat team, named after the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, are mostly made up of members who are of Palestinian origin as are their fans, whereas the Faisali team members and fans are of native Jordanian Bedouin tribes. The team is actually sponsored (read controlled) by the Adwan tribe. Wihdat won, beating Faisali 1-0 so naturally all hell broke loose because how DARE these Palestinians win over sacred ruling class blood? Fans attacked each other and many were injured, including policemen (who served up their own special brand of brutality against the Wihdat fans) after the wire fence separating fans from the pitch broke down. This isn't the first time fights between rival fans break out-last year the Faisali team chanted insults about Queen Rania-who is a Palestinian-and offered the King two wives from their own origin instead. What is with all the hating. Well we do get it, but what we mean is WHY, what's with all this pettiness about who's greater than who and intolerance and hatred and racism and bigotry-can't we all just get a bong?

Ugh. Jordanian ultra-nationalism.

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