Sunday, April 10, 2011

Egypt Still Moving

The revolution in Egypt was simply amazing. That's such an understatement but the fact is that it's too overloaded with potent emotions that render it just indescribable. It is also a one-off revolution. Until Yemen in the future (Saleh, some self-dignity please!) might contradict that statement, we will continue to bask in the glow of the power of the millions of people who showed to the whole world what democracy truly looks like.

The Egyptians are a smart bunch. They knew that with the ousting of Mubarak-who for the first time since sent out a public sniveling-the revolution was just beginning. They have taken to Tahrir Square again and again to demand continued reformations, the prosecution of key figures from the Mubarak regime, and exercised extraordinary restraint not to pummel the military who are getting more autocratic.

The people took to protesting in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, shouting that they will not leave until the Israeli flag is replaced with the Palestinian flag. Seems odd that that embassy is still there. We suppose the threat of a likely impending theocratic country was just some propaganda tool to showcase that Arabs are definitely not ready for democracy and that they should continue to be passive under regimes that promote first and foremost stability and...what? Oh.

We're looking for anyone to denounce this act as anti-Semitic (Arabs/Semites attacking themselves?) and the beginning of a dangerous journey to wipe out all Jews etc etc.
Just remember what the Israeli embassy stands for-cough-fascism. 

Here's an excellent slideshow of the "thrilling, tech-savvy tide" who were the reason for us breathing the TV for eighteen days.

Because we just can't get enough.

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