Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Fly Zone Over Palestine

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Dear international community,

No we do not have vast oil resources, but Gaza especially is home to some exotic and beautiful flowers that used to be a major export before the calamitous siege, which is entering its fifth year. Also, Gaza grows its own strawberries, which the Palestinians in the West Bank are in desperate need of since the only strawberries they can get are the Israeli produced and excessively hormone-sprayed ones. They look large and ripe, but taste of absolutely nothing. They may also have cancerous substances. The war planes, F-16 missiles and Apache helicopters mostly frequent the Gaza Strip, which is where we are asking you primarily to focus the imposition of a no fly zone. You see, it is a heavily populated area-4,110 people per square kilometer, which in total encompasses 365 kilometer squares-and when Israel starts its bombing, there's no question of civilians not being killed in the process. Oh, and keep a look out for our grandparents' villages they were ethnically cleansed from-they're still Palestinian territory to us.

Oil is eventually going to run out, but flowers and strawberries aren't. Remember that.

Palestinian Children