Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hamza Obeid and Bashar Arouri Released

My friend Lama had posted on her Facebook page that her brother and his friend were arrested by the IDF last week on Friday and sent to Ofer Prison after taking part in peaceful demonstrations in Nabi Saleh.

My brother Hamza Obeid and his friend Bashar Arouri were arrested in peaceful protests in Al-Nabi Saleh on April, 8th, 2011. Bashar was arrested for defending a lady the soldiers were going to arrest, and Hamza was arrested for defending Bashar. In court Bashar's crime was "interfering with IDF soldier's work" and Hamza's crime was "throwing rocks" even though he did not throw any rocks at them. Thankfully, the lawyer had the videos that proved that. And they were let out with a bail on Sunday, and they had to sign papers that they would no go to the Nabi Saleh or any other "military" places such as Bil'in and Nil'in for six months.

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