Friday, April 15, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni, Rest in Peace

Thanks to Carlos Latuff for this gem.

Words cannot express our rage and horror at this brutal murder of Palestinian Italian activist. Yes, he was a Palestinian, so passionate was he about exposing Israel's occupation and helping the other Palestinians in Gaza.

Rest in Peace Vik. Gazans certainly knew your worth. Unfortunately, so did the "Salafi Israelis".

Refaat Alareer describes how these Salafis are manipulated by Mossad/CIA websites, acting out their orders. This may sound extreme to a person with a sprinkling knowledge of the whole conflict and who will no doubt accuse Alareer of being one of those conspiracy theorists, but that doesn't make it less true.

Mohammed Suliman, who has an excellent blog, writes his thoughts on the debacle.

We can't form our own words, so we're resorting to linking to other expressive posts.

A few days ago we bitterly noticed how Ramallah held a silent protest for Juliano Mer Khamis's murder while there was barely a whisper of anger about the nineteen people killed in Gaza. Salam Fayyad stuck his nose in this matter, publicly condemning Juliano's murder while remaining mum about the killings of civilians in Gaza. The spotlight only shines on internationally known activists whereas Palestinians are lumped together as a numerical monolith.

We realize now that this is a nuanced subject. Juliano and Vittorio are granted media (social or not) coverage and recognition not only because of the work that they did, but because they were representative of the non-representative Palestinians themselves. Their voices were heard. And for that, they had to be silenced.

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