Monday, April 11, 2011

Gazan Lives Are Worth Nothing

Where has the outrage been concerning the murder of 19 Palestinians in Gaza, among them children and elderly? What a shame that these victims do not carry the surname "Fogel", otherwise they would have enjoyed their mugs splashed on the front page covers of the mainstream papers. This is just sickening. It is absolutely despicable, that the Palestinians as the brown "other" are continually dehumanized in msm outlets by not giving them their proper due and coverage.

Hamas firing rockets is such a stupid tactic. They just don't learn; it has brought more harm than good to the rest of the civilian population in Gaza, which remains under siege (Egypt, sort this out.) Granted, the rockets are shoddy tinpots that barely kill anyone, but the fact that they are fired blindly targeting whoever into the surrounding settlements is such an idiotic move and fuels the braying hasbara machine of Hamas' bloodthirsty nature, as opposed to the IDF's upstanding morality.

Israel on the other hand have the latest technologically developed weapons and deliberately pick off their victims. Those boys playing football? Huge security threat. Tzipi Livni called for another Operation Cast Lead. Did anyone bat an eye? Pure craziness that just serves to showcase once again the innate hypocrisy of Israel.

If Hamas ceased to stop firing rockets, their form of lackadaisical resistance, the reality is still not going change. Israel will still murder farmers and passersby in the ridiculous 300 meter buffer zone-which keeps getting extended-, the strip will still remain under siege, and Israeli air strikes definitely won't stop. This collective punishment which has reduced the 1.5 million civilians, over half of them under the age of 18, to just mere numbers is definitely unacceptable.

The impotent Arab League asked for a no-fly zone over Gaza to be implemented. Well. Let's see what comes out of this even though I won't hold my breath. Who am I kidding of course it won't be enforced. After all, Israel has a right to defend itself and the thousands of women, children, elderly, and non-combatant men (who always get left out in this equation) who paid the price with their blood are just collateral damage. As you were.

Amy Goodman from Democracy Now talks to Omar Barghouti about Gaza, BDS, PA's tactics regarding BDS and solidarity protests, and Juliano Mer Khamis.

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