Friday, May 27, 2011

End of Semester Musings

For some reason, this was saved as a draft when it was supposed to be published a couple of weeks ago. Eagle eyes come in handy.

May 25th was the last day of exams. It was supposed to be May 14th but the joint strikes by university faculties meant that there was a week where everyone sat in their houses twiddling their thumbs. Those who finished their exams before May 13th got an extra week of vacation. We desperately wanted that since for the third year running, in a bid to finish our less than satisfactory university experiences in less than the required eight arduous semesters, we'll be taking summer classes. We forgot that summer used to be like hibernation to us. This year, the summer semester is divided up into two semesters, each 6 weeks long instead of the usual 9 week semester. We heartily approve.

As always, the first semester of the academic year was more enjoyable. We had late classes, so we always witnessed the beautiful sunset or the sun about to set. Plus campus gets relatively empty, and we were taken with the sudden revelation that BZU is actually very pretty when it is subtracted from its students.

Older people never fail to tell us whenever we mention the word "university" how it is the best years of anyone's life. That made us a bit depressed, before we learned what objectivity and subjectivity were. Maybe because we're nearing the end of this road, but we couldn't help from getting a little...nostalgic at odd moments. And then we'd come to our senses again and all would be right with the world again.

We pooled our thoughts and came up with what we enjoyed and what we didn't enjoy this semester. Not all of them were mutually agreed upon though.

  • Shakespeare class….Honestly its not what it sounds like! Well, yeah actually it's all about Shakespeare, but it was extremely fun learning about that dead dude…Allah yir7amo! (Definitely not agreed upon. "Extremely fun"? I spent most of that class day dreaming about broomsticks and flying carpets.)

  • Not having to attend an 8am class because of our English language proficiency. Believe us, this is the only perk of being English speaking/"native"!

  • End of the semester projects! These little artistic activities enabled us to show our superlative acting, dancing and singing skills!
(Eh. So and so. It was fun dressing up as fairies but these projects merely added to our stress levels and list of Dumb Shit That's Unnecessary. One of us loves to act, dance and sing, the other is only willing to do that for a proper audience.)
  • The familiarity/camaraderie with the department, students, and professors.

No Likey:

  • Getting a new disastrous teacher in the middle of the semester. She made the rest of the semester unbearable! (Plus her name translates to Funny in Arabic. Yeah, we don't know why either.)

Having to walk as fast as the speed of light to make it to classes on time.
(There's the Business building, all the way over THERE, and then there's the Nursing building which is all the way over HERE. Ambling along takes about 11 minutes, power walking takes about 5 minutes, and running makes you a laughingstock. PS we're neither Business nor Nursing majors. Hmm.)

  • Four words: Fudged up exam schedule.

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