Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama's Middle East Speech

No we didn't watch it. It wasn't featured on our things to do list. But we read a few articles, watched Omar Barghouti summing it all up as IRRELEVANT and then waffled down some vegetable stuffed chicken with a divine salad. Who is Obama to stick his nose in a part of the world that he doesn't rule? Put Israel on one side, but imagine China dictating its plans as works of progress/lines of interests in the political sphere of Europe or something. Imperialistic much? Just the same old empty rhetoric regurgitated over and over again-Israel has a right to defend itself, Palestinians must recognize Israel's right to exist but no mention of the occupation or Israel's need to recognize a Palestinian state. Screw that, the two state solution has been buried long ago, it's a bi-national state we're looking for.

More at The Real News

Peter Beinart wrote that the more America stands by Israel, the less relevant America will become. Seeing how America was anything but an honest broker in peace talks, this means good for Arabs and bad for poor little beleaguered Israel.

Ahdaf Soueif ripped Obama's speech apart. Here's an excerpt:
"Countering terrorism" has implicated (at least) Egypt, Syria and Jordan in the US's extraordinary rendition programme, turning our governments into torturers for hire and consolidating a culture of security services supremacy and brutality that is killing Syrian protesters today and manifests itself in Egypt as a serious counter-revolution.

"Stopping the spread of nuclear weapons" highlights consistent US double standards as Arab nuclear scientists are murdered, the US threatens Iran, and Israel happily develops its illicit arsenal.

"Securing the free flow of commerce" has meant shoving crony capitalism down our throats, bribing governments to sell our national assets and blackmailing us into partnerships bad for us.

"Supporting Israel" has led to land, resources and hope being stolen from Palestinians while Egypt becomes their jailer and dishonest broker, losing its credibility and self-respect.
 Robert Fisk who's a beast of a man first had these little bulletin points for Obama to follow instead of the complete crap he instead spewed out, which Fisk then surmised here.

Our favorite anti-imperialism rapper Lowkey calls Obama "the handsome face of an ugly empire." Hee!


  1. "Had we not faults of our own, we should take less pleasure in complaining of others." - Francois FeNelon

  2. I think it's funny that you criticize President Obama's Middle East Policy Speech, when you haven't seen the speech yourself.

  3. Anons, how sweet of you to drop by. Reading the articles (there's a whole batch that we didn't link to, it all becomes repetitive and tedious) and that Real News video obviously provided exactly what Obama said concerning Israel/Palestine. So we did end up seeing the part that concerns us. Also, his speech is always up for criticism for its sheer bias and incongruity. Wave that Patriotic flag elsewhere.