Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goodbye Semester

April 30th was the day the heavens flooded Ramallah in what's got to be the best end to the semester so far. And that is saying something, trust us. We celebrated by donning fairy wings, crowns, and lots of glitter which attracted a lot of looks and 'hilarious' comments from other students.

"Toyoor il jana!"
But you had to wait until you went up the stairs and out of sight to say that, huh.
"I think it's their seminar or something."
Because we'd dress up in bedazzled leggings and fairy wings for our seminar?

And then some cold hard looks. Fortunately we know what's really behind those expressions: build up resentment and self-hate and insecurity which naturally comes from being brought up to believe that everyone in their village has their eye trained upon then ever since they hit puberty and therefore once they step one foot out of the house they must act as if the global TV audience of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding audience has them under their fierce scrutiny, and when they encounter some open-minded spirits it is only natural that their reaction should be extreme loathing.

Or at least that's what we whisper to ourselves just before we go to sleep every night.

Exams are looming, but they may be just doing that as scheduled strikes have already disrupted the original schedule, postponing exams until further notice. So we figured we might as well try out Rukab after its recent remodeling. And it was just diviiiiine.

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