Monday, April 12, 2010

Ethnic Cleansing is a Law Now!

The Israeli military forces have passed an extremely racist doctrine which states that everyone in the West Bank must have an Israeli issued ID card (haweeya) or they will face expulsion and imprisonment for seven years. The intelligent thing about this is that even if the accused person proved that he/she is lawfully allowed in the area, they will still face three years in prison. It makes sense as much as Bush's belief that he was doing God's work in invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan does. Unbelievable doesn't even cut it. This fucked up law goes by the name of Order Regarding Prevention of Infiltration. Let's see which people living in the West Bank are threatened by this:

1) All of them (Palestinians/foreigners)
2) Those who don't have West Bank IDs
3) Those whose parent(s) are from Gaza, even if they were born in the West Bank
4) Those who are from Gaza, even if they are married to a West Bank resident
5) Those who have Gaza IDs/ Gaza addresses
6) Those who are foreigners married to Palestinians
7) Those who are international activists or journalists
8) Those who are from Jerusalem and carry Jerusalem IDs
9) Those who are Israeli "citizens"

God Damn. It's estimated that when this order will be put into effect (April 13 2010) tens of thousands of Palestinians will by deported/jailed and branded with the new It word of the Zionist regime, INFILTRATOR: a person who entered the Area unlawfully following the effective date, or a person who is present in the Area and does not lawfully hold a permit.

Shove this up your asses, you people who believe and advocate a two state solution. Occupation dictates the life of Palestinians, in which they have absolutely no say.

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