Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ramallah Rally against Racist Order

Nice alliteration no? Flipping over to the al-Jazeera Live channel, we saw people congregated around the Manara. Finally, something to show that not all of them were sleeping. We got up, got dressed, went out to join them, and as we were chatting with family friends, who did we see pushing his pugnacious face in and around other people? Certified Israeli Collaborator Mohammad Dahlan that's who. Since he's from Gaza, we hope he gets the full treatment of the Infiltrator Order. Just him. Well maybe a select few as well i.e. those who are like him. Palestinians were joined by hippies-scratch that, international activists- who kept us entertained by the colorful lettering on their t-shirts and their God awful dreads. Amira Hass, the Israeli reporter who broke the news in Haaretz, was also present. A clown, for some reason, was also there. Since we arrived late, we missed out on the lively conversations of the people around us. Here are a few quotes though:
"Everything affiliated with Gaza, the Zionists want to make it seem as if it's a curse"
"I'm from Gaza, I guess I'll be in hiding soon" (said with tongue-in-cheek)
"You're threatened by this aren't you? So am I!"

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