Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Said BZU Doesn't Have Any Extra-Curricular Activities?

That would be us. In a way, these events are not extra-curricular but more! The second annual Marketing Day was held April 28th. Basically, after introducing what 'marketing' means in creative ways (a dark video that was barely viewable) four groups present their innovative ideas, and a winner is announced at the end. Sponsors were in attendance, and plain white pieces of paper were passed amongst the audience, with the only paper that had a star on it in the hands of the guy right in front of us..he won a trip to Turkey in June! After that, we vamoosed off to loiter elsewhere but we found out who won the top prize. And we're so happy for this person and his group, because he's the sweetest person ever. His group's idea wasn't too shabby either: scented camel soap. Unfortunately for us, the samples were all gone. Camel soap is the best soap for hair and body because it contains so many natural rich nutrients that moisturize and keep skin feeling silky smooth. The only problem is that is stinks worse than our B.O. So scented camel soap is a good idea indeed...Mabrook!
The 6th Engineering Day was also on April 28th. Students showcase their inventions/architectural pieces outside and inside the Engineering building. We liked the canvas outside because it gave a feeling of seclusion and sleepiness. Yes, we have nothing else to say because we didn't really look at the exhibit. But we have a picture of the banner announcing the event to compensate for our misdemeanor.

Now for Palfest! The Palestinian Festival of Literature is the first week of May, and it's coming to Birzeit Uni Thursday May 6th. Workshops will be plentiful, and it should be an interesting fun day. More on that later.
The Theater of Al-Hara came today to perform one of their plays, Al-Hashrah (cramming, crowding) for non/drama students. The play was about three personalities crammed in a bottle and fighting to get out, while displaying their teenage emotions influenced by family, society, and those around them. It was very interesting to watch, because what made the play unique was that it was performed on a circular piece of mat. This enabled the audience to see the mirror reactions of those sitting opposite them, as well as a complete view of the three actors. Their proximity made the whole setting more intimate. Emotions were extremely manic depressive, ranging from abrasive laughter and singing and dancing to anger and rage and despair that gave way to feelings of uselessness and failure. Each person could interpret the play in their own way, but it seemed obvious that the three personalities were representing three different groups in society. Some even saw a political connection, with the personalities representing to them the factions and parties.

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