Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 6th Student Debate

We love fronting. Talking, yapping, bitchin, eye-ballin, yelling, commenting, educating inferiors, arguing. We can pick a fight with ourselves and still win. That's some real talent right there. So we want a debate team. Preferably in English since we're English fobs. But to find out that there does in fact exist a student debate team in the university was jaw-dropping. Man, how come we never HEAR about any of the shit going on? Perhaps the reason for the low amount of extra-curricular activities stems from the fact that only about 7 percent of the student population are aware of them. Anyhoo, the 6th student debate was today, and the topic was mildly interesting. Who are we kidding the whole campus turned up to watch in the small auditorium that fits only 200 students. We were squished at the very back of one side door, staring at the backs and ears of the thousand guys in front of us who obviously don't know what the hell chivalry is, otherwise they would have let us pass to stand in front of them instead of leaving us to stand on our bunions and craning our necks in vain to catch a glimpse of the stage. No comment on the surrounding body odors either. Please. Halfway through the hour we managed to squeeze ourselves in a more respectable position actually inside the auditorium. We probably decapitated a few heads with our trusty huge bags, but thats the price they gotta pay for their chauvinist behavior. Ah yes, the topic. Drum roll please...
Modest Covering of a Woman's Body Prevents Sexual Harassment
(I7tisham ilmar2a yamna3 ata7arush biha)
An excellent subject. We voted for the opposition team because from past and on-going personal experiences we've been harassed over and over again while wearing the baggiest hoodie in the neighborhood and generally looking like a flannel towel. An interesting statistic was that 48 percent of female minors get harassed. This brought us back to the unhappy mornings when we had to walk to school and be subjected to the nasty comments of the lowlifes in uniform, so we're not surprised. Also, the psychotic society in Saudi Arabia invalidates the point made by the other team. Women over there are dressed from head to toe in black loose abayas and most have their faces covered yet they still have men panting over them and undressing them with their eyes. It's pretty sick. The opposition argued that 'i7tisham' or 'covering modestly' is not just about clothes and garments. It's also about manners, behavior, etc. Now in no way do we condone sexual harassment (in fact we wish that there was a 20 lash penalty for it) but to our observation, there are some girls who...dare we say it..'deserve' to be harassed. Good Lord, the feminist backlash is raining on us as we speak. Strictly speaking about our society, tube tops and shorts and mini skirts are not accepted in public. Yeah, say whatever you like, we're a backward Neanderthal society blah blah blah but that will just demonstrate the capacity of how open your mind is. Women have every right to wear whatever they want, and they have every right not to hear comments or crap because of their attire, but this comes with its limits. Ramallah is considered as one of the most tolerant cities in the West Bank, and that comes with its shift as the center of cultural and economic activity. So skinny jeans are accepted, leggings are accepted, above the knee skirts are accepted. Bir Zeit University is infested with the most hideous 'fashion' wear EVER, and these will be discussed more in our Fashion Fugs feature, but having male friends who won't waste their breath in telling us what they think of this or that girl's clothes just made us see how deluded the girls are. And the fact that the male students are proudly and overtly metro-sexual, almost to an extreme. It's actually well-known that guys talk more about the outfits of girls than girls themselves...it's a sad truth, but there we are. Leggings are NOT to be worn as trousers. They are meant to be worn with a shirt or skirt that hit the leg mid-thigh or longer. We do not want to have our eyes burned out by the sight and design of the victim's wedgie/underwear. Low shirts are a no-no too, because cleavage isn't just on display, but the boobs themselves. And when paired with heels, those boobs do not sit rigidly, but indulge themselves in bouncing about. Tell us, are these type of girls NOT asking to be harassed? Even though we voted for the team advocating that 'covering' still leads to harassment, we're really somewhere in the middle. Some girls (hijabis included) ask for it by wearing skanky (or """stylish""") clothes, yet others who are dressed modestly (non-hijabis included) still get some stick. We liked the Freudian explanation that the reason why men sexually harass women is because they have something lacking deep within their unconsciousness. Poor mama didn't give him enough attention when he was younger?

Regarding Hijabis
Once in Ramallah, a young woman covered from head to toe in black, wearing a black niqab, walked past us. A guy whistled and said: yis3idli 3al 3enein. Translation: I am a horny bastard.
On campus, a hijabi wearing a long flowing shirt and leggings and heels was walking back and forth, so everyone could notice her. One leg of the legging was bedazzled with gigantic silver lettering that read "SEXY". Needless to say, hundreds of necks were possibly broken by the degree of craning.

Regarding non-Hijabis
Once on campus, a girl was walking very, very slowly with half of her considerably-sized tits out. This was witnessed by our own tormented eyes. The group of guys next to us abruptly stopped talking/smoking and some just stared, open-mouthed, while others started sniggering and began to follow the girl while calling out to her in crude language. The girl, obviously pleased with the attention, added an extra wiggle to her hips.
In Ramallah, a well-mannered and modest cousin, dressed in long-sleeves and normal jeans, had about 43 guys making crude remarks to her. Usually when this happens to one of us, we'd curse them out in English and Spanish under our breath, or hit them with our purses.

Palestinian society is a double-standard one. Guys who go out with girls or harass them would cut off the head of a guy ding the same thing to their sisters. Therefore, we believe that this all boils down to one word..TIRBAYA! ya3ni UPBRINGING. Sons and daughters should be treated equally and not be suffocated tightly by dull-witted parents who contribute to the future negative roles of their children in society by saying that everything is immoral and forbidden and 3eib. Globalization has brought the wacked out Lady Gaga to their television screens, but wait why even blame the west when Lebanon, Egypt, and other Arab countries have their own fair amount of bimbos and sluts who are just earning their trade by making ART i.e. making suggestive and sexually provocative music videos while wearing half ripped negligees. Of course, this goes back to the Arab music industry owned by some Saudi zillionaire who controls which singer is to be 'famous' and dictates the terms and condition for the singer to become acknowledged, as compensation for the small penis he has. Parents should advise their children that these women are not 'liberated' despite the claims made in their autobiographies and are in no way respected. After all, what else can they do? They can't beat the imaginations out of their kids...well some can but we're talking generally here. This isn't a digression, but our brains are fried at the moment (end of semester wongs) and we trust our readers to see the connection. It's all about influence people! Hannah Montana dresses like the Amish=little girls dressing in scratchy wool dresses! Hayfa Wahbi getting her breasts done=tons of silicone cups inserted in Arab women!

Here's a couple of clips from both sides.

Almost 500 students voted and the results were 37% for those against and 63% for those supporting the motion. However the members of the board awarded 26.5 points to the opposition team and 23.5% to the other team.

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