Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Raping of One of Ramallah's Main Roads

This disgusting eye-sore has been thrusted upon us every day for the last month or so. And it just got worse. A few days after this pic was taken, pavements were first raped and then eradicated by metal machines. Now, one must put up with the invasion of dirt mounds and small pebbles in their shoes, and if you're a woman with no sense wearing open-toed high heels then may the nuppity force of the grey matter be with you. We miss asphalt. We yearn for the days where we could walk in a straight line instead of picking our feet over rocks and little hills and risking a twisted ankle. How long does it take to re-d0 a friggin street? We do have a simple request to make though: BIGGER SIDEWALKS. Saves the hassle of being mowed over by a car, and transforms the mutinous muttering of drivers into ecstatic ululations.

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