Monday, May 10, 2010

Our New Best Friend

Ha we could only wish. Still, we'll keep sending telepathic messages and learn how whales transmit their songs to communicate. Or we could make use of this new-fangled thing called technology. Without further ado, we give you...Jody McIntyre. We'll try hard not to lather him in a sycophantic whipped up eulogy, but there is honestly no kind of ass-kissing from our part. Here is a true revolutionary young UK native who, after "18 years of wasted education" (we hear you brother!) set off to travel the world. During his 3 month stay in South America, the brutal war on Gaza last year set off the "seeds of revolution" in Jody, and he set off for Palestine. He has lived in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarra7, where ruthless evictions of Palestinian families are still taking place to make way for the 'rightful' owners who are of course, the European Jewish settlers. Jody has also lived with his adopted Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Bil'in. Every Friday, the local residents and activists routinely protest the building of the Apartheid Wall on its land. The honorable IDF has upped their 'defense', using more and more tear gas canisters fired at high velocity and spraying chemically enhanced sewage water. This didn't deter Jody and his wheelchair from still being on the front line though! He has a movie called Life on Wheels coming out, directed by Haitham Katib, which follows his activism and experiences through resisting the occupation and being subjected to late night raids in the West Bank. True solidarity with the Palestinians! His blog is most definitely worth a read, as his writing is beyond amazing. Get him a book deal someone! Jody is currently on a speaking tour about Palestine around the US with the UK rapper Lowkey (he's a favorite of ours, remember?) and Dr Norman Finkelstein.
Jody, the word 'inspirational' doesn't even come close to describing you. Enlightening, awe-inspiring, dynamic...thank you for your humanity, your bravery, and your outstanding ability.
Hurry back to Ramallah where we can maybe (pleeeease) grab some ice cream before resuming the dismantling of the Zionist regime, one racist motherheifer at a time.
Check out his blog!
Here's a 5 minute preview of Life on Wheels:

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