Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction I

That's right bitches. We're huge on the whole BDS campaign, and we've stamped our authority where it counts. Mainly friends' houses who now know better than to serve us ANYTHING that comes from a package with the 729 bar code stamped on it. One of us even devoted the entire semester to do a research paper on boycotting Israeli products, and while it was a harrowing, exhausting, and most stressful journey the end result (paper) is pretty awesome. This is the first of a series of posts about the boycott, where later on we'll tackle other topics related to it.
Basically we're more into the consumer Israeli boycott, but that is not to take away from the importance of the academic and cultural boycott, despite what dissenters say. We can only speak for Ramallah, but boy oh boy are the supermarkets here STUFFED to the max with Israeli products. When we ask the Palestinian consumers why they unwittingly buy Israeli products, it's always the same reply: they're of much better quality than local or even Arab products. Keep in mind that tests have been performed on popular Israeli products such as the disgusting flavorless juice Tapuzina and what was discovered what that these products contain cancerous substances. Intajuna is a project that aims to improve the Palestinian consumer's perception and opinion of local products, and to make these products more popular in the market. Now we're pretty sure it's gonna be hard work for lazy fools who lack common sense or a conscience to boycott all Israeli products. We accept that not everything can be boycotted, because of lack of alternatives, but simple things that can be done away with such as chocolates, candy, chips, pasta, frozen food (yuck), etc should not pose a problem at all. This is about boycotting Apartheid people! This is about boycotting the heinous unlawful Apartheid Wall that has cut up farm lands and villages and made inaccessibility to work, school, and land a daily problem in the lives of thousands of Palestinians. This is about boycotting Israel's arbitrary policies under which Palestinians continue to suffer, such as the forced evictions of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem and the wanton demolition of the Silwan village to make an exclusively Jewish park. This is about boycotting the racist 'Jewish only' state whose Palestinian citizens (those who live in the 1948 region) suffer atrocious discrimination and perverse justice purely because of their disagreeable race and religion. This is about boycotting the only 'democracy' in the Middle East. We've all heard the tired and regurgitated Zionist response to the boycott, preferably said in a nasal voice: You might as well do away with your computers, laptops, cell phones, and let your babies and family and friends die because of the top range medicine produced in Israeli labs, blah blah blah. Listen here Zionuts. Boycott is a movement that is meant to bring about more awareness to the continuous Israeli occupation and colonization of Palestine. It is a way to encourage resistance against a racist settler colony that has, 62 years ago forcibly created the refugee problem by expelling almost two thirds of the Palestinian population by something called ethnic cleansing that entailed massacres, and today has rendered more than four million Palestinians as refugees. It is a peaceful way to end the on-going subjugation of Palestinians, whose lives are given no more worth than the mud on the back of the occupier's shoes. It is a way to dispel the crazy, lunatic, and laughable ideologies of settlers who hail from parts of Europe but claim that this land belongs only to them because of some nonsensical liturgic command, and that non-Jewish folk are to be ousted. Boycott is not meant to be taken literally, as in the Israeli economy well suffer a dramatic collapse, rendering millions of workers jobless and upping the suicide rate of tycoons. It is more about educating people, bringing their attention to the deplorable acts of an illegal state that was founded on the crushed skulls of the indigenous population. Boycotting products is a means to bring about this kind of open dialogue and awareness and solidarity. And it sure is working. The Israeli ministers are clawing their faces over the despicable boycotting of their products. Big ups to those who do implement the boycott and call upon others to do so. Greater ups to those who actually act and form committees and groups to boycott. It's a long way coming, yet the tides are definitely changing.
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