Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eh...School Today?

Fridays and Sundays are our weekends. Sunday was penned in as a day of classes based on Saturday. We initially thought that we being punished for having our Eid holiday so early on that we were actually being made to make up a day for it. Hence the dark mutterings and the fire shot eyes. We blamed the tight circle of Christians who hold power over the university, as in "Well, I don't see us making up Christmas Day, now do I?" Damn sectarianism! We're not proud of that, and lesser so when the truth was finally told to us. The reason Sunday is a day of classes is simply because there aren't enough Saturdays in this semester. Well, how about this slightly ingenious idea, why don't we take an extra Saturday instead of wasting our weekend? We value and hold our free days very close to our hearts so forgive us if we sound like menopausal women.

As it is, the wonderous student grapevine informed us late last night that no, there WON'T be classes (some sort of emergency meeting with important university staff or something) and Sunday will remain a Sunday, a sleepy lazy day. In fact, we shall commence henceforth to call Sundays Lazdays. It will catch on, you'll see.

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