Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing Sir Thermopolis War

Sir Thermopolis War has been given the honor to teach us not one but two classes this semester. He is an old skeleton (who probably has died three times over) with a vast storehouse of knowledge with no apparent teaching style whatsoever, yet you can't fault his perceptive cognizance. Disruptions in class are caused by those who see the funny side of his mispronunciation of words and his overall demeanor. In this series, we shall be including snippets of his extensive non-existent autobiography. And mispronunciations.

Mispronunciation of the day:
Thoreau. As in, tho*ree*oh.
Used in sentence: Tho*ree*oh was influenced by Transcendentalism.

{}Sir Thermopolis was the instigator of the 1936 Palestinian strike against the British Mandate.{} FACT!

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