Friday, September 3, 2010

Response to Negotiations

On Wednesday students called on other students (we don't care what party/faction/movement) in a bid to salvage some sort of pride about the university's role and reputation in the first Intifada to protest the silly negotiations at 1100 hours by the Manara in Ramallah. Circumstances permitted us to arrive at 11:50 to a sorry group that totalled a grand 40 or so people. Birzeit students were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps some of them fear infiltrators and agents, but again we were fools to expect a decent turnout. Half-assed, as always. We just didn't get the memo that these sort of protests last for 20 minutes. And anyway, what do they consist of? People milling around, jostling each other to be in front of the media cameras, holding up signs. Best action you will get.

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