Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Shit

Although this song isn't new, it's making spaces on certain blogs recently because of its newly released official video. Hamdulillah reminds us of one time, near the end of a semester, sharing headphones in the taxi ride from the university to home, listening to it on repeat over and over again. Hamdulillah reminds us of our families and homes, so lucky to be around each other. Hamdulillah reminds us of grandparents and uncles and cousins in Gaza, barely 50 miles away yet are forbidden to meet/inaccessible. Hamdulillah reminds us of peace, love, unity.

We have a number of favorite artists out there-- Lowkey, Invincible, Omar Offendum, and The Narcicyst. He started out with the now obsolete (following the tragic death of one of its members) band Euphrates, which for some time last year was the only thing we played on our ipods. Seriously, listening to Narcy increases our IQ by a hundred. He knows what he's talking about, and to articulate it the way he does is crazy beautiful. Fahman times infinity.

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