Sunday, March 21, 2010

The First Martyr of the Yet to Materialize "Intifada"

16 year old Muhammad Qadus was shot in the chest by a live bullet in Iraq Burin, Nablus today. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital in a private car, because the IOF prevented an ambulance from arriving. Every Saturday, as has been the case in the last few weeks, the settlers from the adjoining settlement of Bracha harass the people of Iraq Burin, from which they have stolen more than 100 dunums. At around noon, the settlers and soldiers barged in the village, with soldiers and their jeeps taking up strategic positions and chasing youth in the streets.

The honorable IDF defended this killing as usual, with their bullshit flowing freely:

"Contrary to what was published, live fire was not used. The Palestinians were hurt by rubber bullets used during the incident."

So doctors at the hospital made a fatal mistake in identifying a rubber bullet as a live bullet. Welcome, Bullshit.

"An Israeli military spokesman said "during a violent and illegal riot, dozens of Palestinians from Iraq Burin arrived in the area, inciting a provocation." According to the army, Israeli forces arrived at the scene to prevent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli civilians. Palestinians "violently hurled rocks at the force." "

Riots are illegal in this democratic nation. Israeli civilians, settlers, were caught up in this riot? And Palestinians "violently hurled rocks at the force"? Oh, the poor force must have been just devastated by those rocks! Especially when armed to the teeth with submachine guns and hand grenades. Another 16 year old Palestinian, Useid Abed An-Nasser Qadus, was seriously injured by taking one to the head. He's currently undergoing surgery.

We're saddened by the fact that the loss of a Palestinian life at the hands of the IOF is accepted so readily. It makes us gloomy. When Lina Nabulsi was shot and killed in her school uniform by an Israeli soldier back in 1976, the national outrage and horror stirred the Palestinians up. It made them angry. Nowadays, it's become an accepted part of life.
"Ibn fulan istash-had ilyoum."
"Yee, miskeena immo. Nawalni hal wusada warak."

We love the song inspired years later by Lina Nabulsi's death:

UPDATE: Sadly, Useid didn't make it. Another two Palestinians were shot and killed today. That makes FOUR Palestinians dead in the last 24 hours, all from Nablus. How many more until assertive action is taken up by Palestinians?

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