Sunday, March 28, 2010

Links and Rants

Na3m, the Arabs are at it again- (We Need Order, Arab Summit)- and we don't have anything at all to say on this subject that hasn't been regurgitated a million and one times by the well-meaning folk of the Arabian Mother. They meet once a year (Sirit, Libya, is the place to be), enjoy the complementary food, the lavish hotel suites, whisper it, it might still be 3eib women, and all other earthly desires. Long-winded speeches are made to the half-assed attention of others, declarations are read, promises are prepared, and at least one leader gets his panties in a twist about some improper decorum inflicted on him by a more important, more self-righteous one. Of the couple of articles we managed to read concerning this subject, we found out that there is an honest intention to carry out the most emphatic, well-meaning course of action regarding the Judaizing of Jerusalem and the overall plight of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Yawn. Maybe after the coming of the Messiah?

We all agree that Zionists and some Jews and some Muslims are opposed to inter-racial marriages amongst each other. What would you do if your pretty cousin fell in love with an Israeli soldier, convinced him that his world was wrong, ran off to marry each other, and subsequently got hunted down in the process? Rabbis would convince the soldier that a Gentile, and a Palestinian at that, is the snake that feeds upon the weakness of his emotion and will be the fall of him, his family, and the state of Israel, or some crap like that. The girl's family would probably execute an honor killing that has never before seemed as justified as it is in this situation. But no, realistically. How about a Palestinian worker fell in love with a Jewish girl from the nearby settlement, married her, and are now expecting their first child together? The girl has converted to Islam (or, invoking the wisdom of Dr Phil, got brainwashed in the process) and lives with her husband in his village, but they are constantly getting harassed by both the PA and Israeli religious authorities. We hope they both lead a long, happy, carefree life together. This isn't wishful thinking, it's optimism, something that's new to us.

Now we have come to this part of the year, where students will not be allowed to enter campus unless they show the guards at the front gate their hideous mug shots on their ID cards. Why, for sooth? It's....ELECTION WEEK! Time for another student council...or not. We hate how the political parties dominate these elections. The votes, roughly, are split 45/45 between the Fateh party (as-Shabeeba) and Hamas (Kutla al-Islamiyya). 8 percent goes to the PFLP party, and the remaining two percent are allocated over a couple of groups that no one cares about, and theres always that 0.023% that the other, unknown groups get. These statistics have been pulled right out from our asses. But it's something like that. This year, the Hamas party are boycotting, and are calling on all students to boycott the elections because so many of their leaders/members are imprisoned in the PA's jail cells. We won't vote. That's our policy. We most likely won't vote for anything during our measly lives. This week, banners and posters and balloons and demonstrations and debates and confrontations and fights and all other manners of festivities will dominate. Proof of the small-mindedness of the students. How about Unity for a change?

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