Monday, March 15, 2010

Remeber the Day: March 16 2010..a new Intifada?

We've been behind on posting, forgive us and we won't rant about our good excuses for being so. Lots of action has happened this past week. Tuesday Israel stuck a huge inflexible middle finger to Vice President Israel-Lover Joe Biden after announcing, on the same day as his visit, that a further 1,600 new settler houses would be built in East Jerusalem. Bibi saw nothing wrong with this, claiming that this move would not hurt the Palestinians in Jerusalem in any way. He's hardly delusional folks. Really. Friday after noon prayers witnessed protesters clashing with the Israeli police in al-Quds. The West Bank was closed for 48 hours, with the curfew lifted Saturday at midnight. Friday also saw an all-womens protest at Qalandia checkpoint, where the IOF were captured beating women. Today on campus the speakers came out, the great Intifada songs were blaring, and members of various student factions screamed in microphones about saving al-Aqsa and doing something assertive to prevent the Judaizing of al-Quds. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is toted as the ground-breaking day where a possible third Intifada might burst out. Israel is planning to lay the foundations for the synagogue (kanees il5arab) in the old city of al-Quds, with building plans to make the dome much bigger than that of Dome of the Rock, thus falsifying their claim to the stolen Palestinian land even more. The tension is REAL, it's pervasive, it's crackling. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of students at BZU who deeply care and understand the grave matter of this action. The rest of the Ay-rab countries sit back contentedly, catching up on the latest Turkish soap opera. There's no point in wailing WEIN IL3ARAB, they deserted us ya 7abaybi a long time ago. The long-time excavation of al-Aqsa mosque has gone unnoticed. al-Quds has been in danger for a while now. The continued colonization of the city and ruthless eviction of whole Palestinian neighborhoods hasn't raised not even a whimper from the international world, who are excelling in their role of complicity with the Israeli occupation.

What will this new Intifada, if it happens, mean? Could it be the beginning of the demise of Israel as an occupying, racist, and colonizing regime? Will the Palestinians finally unite and work together for justice? Will the land be stained with the blood of many Palestinian shabab? Will the spineless Palestinian Authority grow some balls or be replaced with a government that actually acts and represents the rights and interests of its people? So many questions brought about by a shady future...Our faith is with Allah.

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