Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On Saturday one half of us got the opportunity to 'observe' and interject a few questions to the three members of Tashweesh, a Ramallah-based audio-visual group that kicks butt.

The group integrates the talent and interests of all three of its members. Aswatt, Boikutt, and Ruanne Abu-Rahme, the first two of the now disbanded Ramallah Underground and the latter who used to occasionally work with them, merged together to form this unique collaboration that incorporates samples of film recordings, archives, and sound productions to re-narrate the material.

Not sure all can be divulged here...just read the article about them in next month's This Week in Palestine!

Tashweesh will be giving their first full performance in Nablus May 3rd as part of PALfest.