Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women's Day

Admit it. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear 'Women's Day' being touted out you think of an AA kind of meeting, where women sit around in one circle effusing praise for their femininity while at the same time asserting their rights to everything men can get away with. They're also plotting an ingenious plan to make the world a woman's one, which is not a bad idea at all. Bathrooms will never run out of toilet paper. Minus the likes of Condoleezza 'Kundara' Rice and Tzipi Facial Hair Livni and Margaret Iron Lady Thatcher, the world will be most likely full of more bitch-slapping and skanks, as opposed to war and terrorists. Plus each woman would adopt three impoverished children, protect the environment, and share recipes across the globe. This is not to deter from the meaningfulness of what this holiday-in-the-sense-you-don't-get-a-day-off-but-still-gets-its-own-name is about. March 8th is celebrated around the world (for those countries who give a flying hoot) for the emancipation and equality of women which has drastically changed over the last century. Duh. Women can vote, go to universities, run for President (SO glad you did not win Hilary, but every presidential candidate is cut out of the same cloth so eh to you Obama) and wail that they cannot juggle working and raising kids at the same time.

We must stress this point though. Just because it IS Women's Day the hard-laced librarian had no right to kick us out. All because she had to dash off somewhere to celebrate this day. We're not making this up. And since we've started, why the hell not carry on. Moving on to another library (the main one on campus) the dumb unhelpful incompetent male fool librarian (hehe) also had no right to make us wait for half an hour for another unhelpful incompetent male fool librarian who was supposedly out on his lunch break. Then to find out that that UIMFL (work with us on abbreviations here) actually went HOME is beyond aggravating. Plus walking in the heat back and forth multiple times to the ends of campus is extremely annoying. Stupid sun, don't shine so brightly on our day! And we don't need to listen to Egyptian heavy breathing on TV while standing awkwardly in the money exchange office! Or put up with the neighbor's heavy bass crap music! WHERE'S THE WEED TEA WHEN WE NEED IT!!

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