Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Land Day & Global BDS Day

Palestinians commemorated the 34th anniversary of what became to be known as Land Day. In 1976 six Palestinian men were shot and killed by Israeli Occupation Forces after they, along with others, were protesting the expropriation and continued theft of Palestinian land by Israel. Tens of thousands went out to rally in the city of Sikhnin. In Ramallah, there was silence, since no protests or rallies of any form can commence without the permission and approval of the cowardly degenerate Palestinian Authority. Til this day, land theft is increasing at alarming rates, with plans for even more settlements popping up everywhere.
The names of the six martyrs

Today also marked the second global Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement which has gathered impressive momentum since Israel's senseless vicious attack on the Gaza Strip last year. Speeches by key leaders and organizers (including Omar Barghouti and Hind Awwad) were held at a conference of some sorts in the village Salfit.

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