Friday, March 19, 2010

They Say: We've Explained Our Position...Now Get Out

What is this conflict all about? Religion? Land? Palestinians have no problem with religion. This may sound ground-breaking, but we are NOT Anti-Semitic. Do Zionists know what the hell a Semite is? Hi, we're Semites! Very briefly, the conflict is about war crimes (massacres, ethnic cleansing, etc) committed against an indigenous people, stripping these people of their basic human rights, injustice, lies, propaganda, unlawful detainment of Palestinian men, women, and children and so on. You get the gist.

Zionists have distributed this extremely racist publication to the folks in Jerusalem. It's so comical, we could cry.

"Call for all Muslims living in "Israel "

In this message, we would like to explain the view of Torah regarding non- Jewish inhabitants in Israel. Firstly, we say that all human beings were created by one God and every faithful man must be treated respectfully. Therefore, the view of Judaism is not racial nor inhumane! It is all about religion!"

Shall we infer that Judaism is NOT Zionism, and vice versa?

"The gist of our religions both is the belief in God, the creator. As we both believe, God gave us Torah which contains the duties and messages that we must achieve."

Ooh, drawing upon comparisons between Muslims and Jews! Could this be to pacify us for what's going to come next?

"As what Holy Qur'an says, there is no contrast between what Torah says and what Qur'an says. As faithful Jews, we must achieve our duties. In many parts of Torah, it is written that the land of "Israel" was promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their grandsons ONLY!"

The Quran says there's no contrast between it and the Torah? Which Torah exactly, the modified one or the one directly sent by God? Wait, we can't judge, let's leave that to the theologians.

"All the people agree that we are the grandsons of the ancient people of Israel, grandsons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!!"

Jesus, you must be old. It's pretty funny, because these prophets are in all three religions, yet only one can claim ancestral heritage? The mind boggles.

"Moreover, it is written in Torah that this small land is a property of the Jewish people ONLY! And it is forbidden to let others live here permanently. It is also written in Books of Nevi'im (Books of the Prophets) that we were dismissed because we did not achieve this divine order!"

Lordy. In this day and age, a group of people can claim land they have no biological connections to at the expense of an indigenous population based on...a holy book? Superstitions? False beliefs? Messianic revelations? Notions?

"The Jewish people were dismissed and stayed outside their homeland for 2000 years. Now and after we have returned back to the land of Israel, as we were promised by Prophets; it is time for the Israeli people to achieve this divine order. So, we ask you to leave the land of Israel!!!"

Loving the exclamation marks. But since you asked so politely, the answer, forever and ever, will always be a resounding ear-shattering NO.

Stop spreading your fanatical words around, they do no good.

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  1. What a well written piece!
    hope Jews would get this for once. we are not against them, we are against Zionism.